Weekly Bits #20 - Code quality, review & debt - See you in 2021!

published8 months ago
1 min read

Hey friends,

Hope you had a great week.

Mine was pretty good. I managed to organize my file storage and bookmarks a bit better. Clearing out old things and making it easier for me to find the things I need.

I also published an article this week about defining API guidelines (see below). Very pleased how that worked out, both the guidelines and the article.

Otherwise, we've just started preparing ourselves for travelling to Iceland next weekend. We are buying a few presents, finding travel bags and cleaning. We're excited to spend some time with our families over the holidays during this time.

On that note, I'm going to take a break from this newsletter during December. I'll then come back refreshed in the new year.

Thank you for reading, and have a great Christmas!


Featured Bits of the Week

Article - Software Intelligence: How to Take Quality Control in 6 Practical Steps (5 min)

Six steps to help your team take control of their software quality.

Article - Great Code Reviews—The Superpower Your Team Needs (10 min)

This post is an excellent piece from the engineering team of Shopify. They talk about the practical practices they use to ship code that can stand the test of time.

Article - Understanding Technical Debt As A Software Engineer (15 min)

Understand your team's technical debt and how to manage it.

My Bit of the Week

Earlier this year, I was trusted with the task of leading the work of creating API guidelines.

I wrote a small piece about our process in defining the guidelines. Thanks to my coworkers for their trust, help and contributions.

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